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Denmark: A digital will

  • Politiques, institutions et démocratie

Denmark: A digital will

  • Politiques, institutions et démocratie



When we consider Internet and digital-related issues, we are forced to confront different practices which are rooted in national or regional contexts, as well as concomitant cultural factors. This approach is inherent to the think tank Renaissance Numérique, which assembles actors from a range of backgrounds, representative of the diversity of the contemporary digital world. It is by this logic that the think tank seeks to reflect on digital activities and policies implemented abroad.

After studies of Estonia and Switzerland, Renaissance Numérique turned its attention to Denmark in 2019. The advanced digital public policy of this Scandinavian state and its rapid rise from ninth to first place in the United Nations 2018 world ranking for e-Government practices, make it an important case study, particularly at the dawn of the “100%” dematerialization of public services in France. 

Renaissance Numérique organised a study trip to Copenhagen, the capital, to analyse the country’s digital transformation policy. Renaissance Numérique’s team of experts exchanged with a dozen actors in the Danish digital ecosystem, from public agencies leading the state’s digital transformation to private companies participating in this digitisation process, including Sundhed.dk the public health platform, to the team of the Danish Tech Ambassador, Casper Klynge.

Following the trip, this document surveys the central issues of Denmark’s digital policy, more precisely, its policies regarding the transformation of the state and the development of Techplomacy.


The working group

Julien Nocetti, Researcher, French Institute of International Relations 

Philippe Régnard, Director of Public Affairs, Digital Division, Groupe La Poste

Amal Taleb, Director of Public Affairs, SAP France

Philippe Walter, Director of Development and Innovation, Public Sector Division, Microsoft France 


Jennyfer Chrétien, Executive Director, Renaissance Numérique


Romane Malysza, Project Manager, Renaissance Numérique