Become a Member of Renaissance Numérique

Renaissance Numérique holds a unique place within the French ecosystem of think tanks and digital actors. Independent and regrouping different kinds of expertise and points of view, the think tank aspires to be a space for debate, enlightenment, and initiative in our digital society.

Becoming a member entails gaining access to a one-of-a-kind network of experts and decision-makers, and actively taking part in shaping the public debate on digital issues.

A one-of-a-kind expertise network on all things digital

 The think tank’s network of members  is unique in its diversity and its high level of expertise. Renaissance Numérique is open to a variety of actors contributing to the public debate around digital transformation issues, nourished by their expertise and their experience, and drawn in by their eagerness to go outside the box and engage in a constructive confrontation of ideas. It brings together academics, experts, leading figures, NGOs, and companies, all stemming from the diverse range of actors and points of view that make up the digital field.

Throughout the year, this network comes to life through joint work, meetings and events, and brainstorming sessions within working groups. Members have privileged access to the think tank’s activities, and to the high-level network of experts it brings together.

Bringing forward a digital public debate in France and Europe

Renaissance Numérique is a space for debate, a space for the confrontation of expertise and experience, which allows for the development of original ideas in reaction to the issues raised by the digital transformation of our society.

The think tank’s working method relies on an open and collaborative approach, based on a voluntary and positive confrontation of ideas. Members have an active role in the elaboration of its agenda, the steering of its working groups, and the organisation of its thematic committees.

Becoming a member gives the opportunity to participate in the commissions and working groups that develop the think tank’s contributions and positions.

Engaging in a privileged dialogue with the actors of the digital field

Renaissance Numérique organises high-level meetings reserved to its members. The think tank’s positioning, focused on public interest, allows for a rare quality and freedom of exchange with the political and public decision-makers who shape the digital world in France and Europe. These meetings also offer members the opportunity to exchange with actors who, on a daily basis, think and implement digital innovation in their field of activity.

How to become a member

Membership within Renaissance Numérique is founded on the principle of cooptation. Following each membership request, the think tank’s Board issues an opinion, through a vote. The vote is based on two criteria: the potential member’s digital expertise, and their suitability with the think tank’s mission statement.

Being a member of Renaissance Numérique translates into an annual membership fee, which ranges from 60 euros to 20 000 euros depending on the member’s profile.

For organisations, the think tank’s annual fee is established through a pricing scale that takes into account the organisation’s turnover in France or its budget.

For individual members, the fee is fixed.

Details concerning the kind of actors that can join the think tank can be found in the tables that follow.

Membership fees for organisations

Annual turnover in France or budget For-profit structures 1
(in euros)
Non-profit structures 2
(in euros)
Non-professional associations 3 and public administrative bodies
(in euros)
More than 100 millions euros 20,000 12,500 8,000
Between 50 and less than 100 millions euros 14,000 10,000 6,500
Between 20  and less than 50 millions euros 10,000 7,000 4,500
Between 10  and less than 20 millions euros 6,000 4,500 2,750
Between 5  and less than 10 millions euros 4,000 3,000 1,600
Between 1 and less than 5 millions euros 2,000 1,500 1,000
Less than 1 million euros 1,300 1,000 650

1 There is a minimum amount (floor) of 5,000 euros for companies with a worldwide turnover of over 1 billion euros.
2 This category concerns all non-profit organisations, but with a significant commercial activity (accounting for more than 50% of the total budget) and/or with more than 50% of corporate members.
3 This category concerns all non-professional associations (less than 50% of professional members, with a recognised association status under the French 1901 law, and for which commercial activity accounts for less than 50% of the budget).

Membership fees for individual members

Start-up (up to 3 years of existence and annual turnover of less than 500 000 euros) 600 €
Academic / Researcher / Elected official / Civil Servant (intuitu personae) 200 €
Post-doctoral researcher 60 €