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Renaissance Numérique, partner of the “Paris Digital Week”

  • Inclusion numérique et solidarité

Renaissance Numérique, partner of the “Paris Digital Week”

  • Inclusion numérique et solidarité

Next November, the digital civil society, the main international and national institutions, and the private sector involved in the field will meet in Paris in the context of the “Paris Digital Week”, in order to share their vision of what governance in the digital era should be like. Stakeholders from around the world will take part in this week marked by three key events: the Internet Governance Forum, the Paris Peace Forum, and the GovTech Summit. At a time when perceptions of the Internet confront each other, when digital technologies swing between being a democratic lever and a factor of destabilization during electoral times, these events will be an opportunity to share international experiences and to question the basis of a shared governance of the Internet.

Since its creation, Renaissance Numérique works to reflect on these stakes as they evolve, and provide citizens the tools to deal with this transformation. For these reasons, the think tank has decided to partner with the “Paris Digital Week”, and will take part in the three key events of the week.

#1 The Internet Governance Forum — November 12th – 14th 2018, UNESCO Headquarters, Paris

Supported by the United Nations, the Internet Governance Forum (IGF) is a forum that aims at favouring a multi stakeholder dialogue focusing on questions of public policy in the field of Internet Governance. This forum takes place each year in a different country. France will host the 2018 forum.

On the occasion, Renaissance Numérique, organizes in partnership with Amnesty International and the Institute for Strategic Dialogue, a workshop dedicated to tackle hate speech: "Hack The Hate: Empower society to face hate speech". As part of this event, experts from Asia, Africa, North America, and Europe will gather and discuss their views on this issue. This event will also be an opportunity to share inspiring initiatives led by the international civil society.

In response to this workshop, Renaissance Numérique organizes in partnership with ISOC, Agence France Presse, and Savoir*Devenir a hackathon dedicated to informational disorders in the digital era. The hackathon will take place from the 12th of November afternoon to the 14th of November morning. This hackathon – which aspires to be multidisciplinary – will gather academics, journalists, developers, computer scientists, students, and associations around three main paths: tackling hate speech online, fake videos and informational disorders, and media literacy education. Book your place

As a member of the French organization committee, Renaissance Numérique and its partners will coordinate the ‘OFF’ program of the event as well.

The ‘OFF’ program of the IGF aims at decentralising the different debates through the city and allowing the different organisations involved in the IGF to participate in this program.

In order to be referenced in the ‘OFF’ program, your event must take place in Paris or the “Ile-de-France” region, focus on a theme tied to Internet Governance, and be led by an organisation involved in the digital sector. The access to your event must be free and adapted to every audience. Suggest an event


#2 The Paris Peace Forum — November 11th – 13th  2018, Grande Halle de La Villette, Paris

The Paris Peace Forum, which takes place for the first time this year, aims at generating concrete and innovative solutions for global governance. Five key themes will be presented: Peace & Security, Environment, Development, New Technologies, and Inclusive Economy.

Project leaders from around the world and decision-makers from governments and international organisations will be reunited during this event.

The Seriously Project conceived by Renaissance Numérique has been selected from over 150 projects to be presented during the Paris Peace Forum. Launched in the aftermath of the Paris terrorist attacks in January 2015, the project aims at providing the civil society and citizens with a tool as well as a method to face online hate speech, the platform: www.seriously.org. This platform complements existing laws and reporting tools. The Seriously Project has been awarded the “best international practice of counter speech” label by the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE).

#3 The GovTech Summit — November 12th 2018, Hôtel de Ville, Paris

Supported by the French President Emmanuel Macron, the Mayor of Paris Anne Hidalgo, and the European Commission, the GovTech Summit will gather decision-makers and innovators in order to explore the different ways new technologies can improve public services and democratic practices. As an actor of the digital citizenship, Renaissance Numérique is a partner to this event. This day will be structured around feedback sessions from GovTech and CivicTech actors and debates to further the discussions about these issues.


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